Designed especially for teens to do along with one or both parents, our DreamCatcher workshops are based on the book "The Desire Map" by Danielle LaPorte and are co-facilitated by Wendy and her teen son, Noah.

The next DreamCatcher workshop is scheduled for November.  During this magical weekend, participants will explore areas of their parent/teen relationship they feel most grounded and areas that could be upgraded.

Noah will work with the teen participants to expand on their relationship with confidence in their own lives and lead them on a journey of discovering their unique selves.

Wendy will lead the adults through the process of unearthing their Core Desired Feelings and setting them forth on a path to a life they love. There will be deep conversation around the process of growing up, letting go and consciously planting the seeds for strong, lifelong relationships.

There will be ample time for sharing, group work and time for the teens to just be teens.

This incredible weekend is open to 10 participants.  Ages 12+

Investment is $300 per person. Includes all snacks, drinks, workshop materials and lunch on Sunday.

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So, here's the thing.... I think teens are AMAZING! There is a traditionally held belief in our society that the teen years are full of pain and strife. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way and the first step is changing how we see these years.

By shifting how we approach our growing adults, we give them space to bravely try on new styles, personalities and ways of being. It's possible to create a safe space for them that is so comforting, they come back "home" time after time, while navigating the years ahead.

Let's create something beautiful together. Something so beautiful, it will last a lifetime.

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Alternative Education

What exactly is Life Led Learning and do they really learn anything at all??

Also known as "unschooling", Life Led Learning takes a common sense approach to education through the belief that people learn best when they are interested in the subjects being taught and they like the people teaching them. Pretty simple, right?

If homeschooling has crossed your mind and you want a fresh perspective on how it can be done with ease, let's have a conversation.

Noah can tell you first hand what it is really like to unschool and craft a life full of intention, gratitude and joy.

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About Us

Wendy and Noah, the dynamic duo behind This Soul Filled Life, are a mother-son team who have been crafting a life filled with soul, purpose, and intent for over a decade. Wendy is a licensed Desire Map & Fire Starters Facilitator, leading business and life upgrade workshops based on the books by Danielle LaPorte.

Noah and his siblings were "road-schooled", having traveled North America in an RV for most of their childhoods. At a young age, Noah was given the space, trust, and respect to craft his own unique life. Today, at 15, Noah is a mentor, recording artist, world traveler and is completing his education on his own terms (and time).

Wendy is a certified holistic health and life coach, with a passion for cooking, helping women deepen relationships, in and outside of  their home. She especially loves working with parents and teens to co-create an upgraded relationship and open their minds to the great possibilities available to young adults today.

An epic life is waiting for you.....let us help you meet it halfway!


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